Aliplast Chęć na Pięć – The Aliplast Group Foundation up and running!

05 May 2022

The ‘Chęć na Pięć’ run will start in the Ludowy Park in Lublin on 29 May!

This year’s competition will be exceptional. Thanks to our Aliplast Group Foundation, the run will be a charity event with all the proceeds from the entry fees will be donated towards the implementation of a programme of support for women refugees from Ukraine.

The run will be called Aliplast Chęć na Pięć – we run for Ukraine.

The acquired funds will help organise:

  • A Support Group for refugee women to provide psychological support and motivate them to take further action.
  • Competence Development Programme addressed to Ukrainian refugee teachers employed in Lublin schools.

The charity objective is pursued in agreement and as a part of the cooperation with the Lublin Homo Faber Association and the Lubelski Community Committee for Ukraine.

In addition to the main run, the event will also include:

  • Children’s and Youth runs Przez Metry Po Kilometry (Through Metres to Kilometres)
  • Nordic Walking competition at the distance of 5 km
  • Roller skating competition at the distance of 5 km.

Registration for the main run and accompanying events start at 18:00 today (5.05) and you can secure your spot here:

Let us run for Ukraine!