Aliplast Running Team in Action

07 June 2021

On Saturday, June 5, our Aliplast Running Team took part in the 8th PKO “Solidarity” Half Marathon to commemorate the labour strikes that took place in Świdnik and Lublin. The running event also had a charitable cause: to support a baby girl Nina in her fight against the Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Nineczka Kropeczka walczy z SMA).

It was the first run of that size since the outbreak of the pandemic. We started in the team of 7, and we all made it to the finish line. Some personal bests were broken too!

When asked about his post-race impressions, one of the participants said to us: “Given that it was the first competition this year, we are both satisfied and motivated to continue with training efforts so as to be even better. Nevertheless, the results are not the most important thing. It is your personal satisfaction that you’ve made it that really matters”.

The half marathon started in Świdnik, at Strażacka Street, near the historic gate of WSK PZL ŚWIDNIK plant, whereas the finish line was marked at the athletics stadium in Lublin.

We would like to thank all participating competitors. May your results get better with every start!