Aliplast Running Team- the inauguration of City Trail 2021/2022

08 November 2021

Last Saturday, the Aliplast Running Team inaugurated the City Trail 2021/2022 competition series. It is an initiative to encourage runners to keep physically active also during the autumn and winter season. The City Trail 2021/2022 series consists of 5 km runs with a fixed route.
In the first competition, the Aliplast Group team consisted of Marek, Paweł, Albert, Mateusz, and Kamil. The route of the competition ran along the paths of the forest in Dąbrowica, along Zalew Zemborzycki, and required concentration from the competitors throughout the distance, due to a large number of natural obstacles (roots, tree branches) hidden under the layer of leaves. The competitors of our team reached the finish line without any major obstacles, and the results achieved on Saturday will be the starting point for the next runs of the City Trail cycle.