Fishing picnic at the Eco Torf in Ludwin

19 May 2022

On May 15, there was a Fishing Picnic organized by the Aliplast Fishing Group at the Eco-Torf  in Ludwin.

The official start of the season resulted in a fairly large number of caught fish. A modest fishing gift was prepared for the Participants who caught the largest specimens.

The biggest fish caught with the spinning method during the meeting can be proud of Łukasz – a pike, 84 cm long and weighing 5 kg.

In the case of the float method, the largest fish taken was Krasnopióra, caught by our friend Monika.

The youngest participants had the opportunity to try their hand at fishing using the spinning method. The Aliboat and our friend Jacek’s fishing pontoon, where everyone could see the principle of the fishfinder, was very popular.

 Congratulations to all Participants!