Winter Run Competition Results

13 January 2022

We are pleased to present the results of the completed Winter Run Competition.

Aliplast Group employees took up the challenge and ran from 06. 12. 2021 to 06. 01. 2022. Despite adverse weather conditions, 14 of our employees bravely fought for 32 days.  In total, they covered 2047km. which corresponds to the route Lublin – Athens.

First place with 425,49 km was taken by our colleague Tomek, who gave up his prize money and donated the whole amount to children from an orphanage.

Longest daily distance – 46. 25 km on 02. 01. 2022

In total, the contestants burned (approximate value) 163,784 kcal, which corresponds to approximately 23. 4 kg

Congratulations to all Contestants