First Charity Football Tournament of Aliplast Group Foundation

Saturday, October 8 took place the First Aliplast Group Foundation Charity Football Tournament. Beautiful weather, lots of energy, fantastic teams fighting with enthusiasm to win. As for us - all the teams won, especially since the main...



Integrated Management System surveillance audit with the 9001/ 14001/ 45001 standard completed

Aliplast Sp. z o.o. and Aliplast Extrusion Sp. z o.o. have successfully completed the audit process of the Integrated Management System for compliance with the 9001/ 14001/ 45001 standard. Once again, we have confirmed the compliance of...



Aliplast Chęć na Pięć – The Aliplast Group Foundation up and running!

The ‘Chęć na Pięć’ run will start in the Ludowy Park in Lublin on 29 May! This year’s competition will be exceptional. Thanks to our Aliplast Group Foundation, the run will be a charity event with all the proceeds from the...



Estabilishing the Aliplast Group Foundation

The intensity of our activity has evolved into concrete actions. We are pleased to announce the creation of the Aliplast Group Foundation. On 29 March this year, the documents establishing the Aliplast Group Foundation were signed. We...



Aliplast shows solidarity with Ukraine

For the past few days, we have all been living in a difficult reality, with a sense of the irreversible changes that have just taken place in the world. We do not want and cannot be indifferent to the needy. The Aliplast Group Board has...