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Aliplast Sp. z o. o. and Aliplast Extrusion Sp. z o. o. signed an agreement with PGE for 2021 and 2022 - 50% of the energy supplied to the Companies will come from renewable sources confirmed with a certificate of origin.

The Aliplast Group (Aliplast Sp. z o.o. and Aliplast Extrusion Sp. z o.o.) as part of the strategy “Energy with Aliplast” for 2021-2025, is preparing to implement the project of installing photovoltaic systems in order to cover min. 5% of the current electricity demand. The photovoltaic installation will be mounted on the roof of the company’s building.

As part of the strategy “Energy with Aliplast” for 2021-2025, the company intends to invest in the charging infrastructure for electric cars. Electric car charging stations on the company’s premises (free car charging) are to encourage the employees to replace their cars with the electric ones. The investment will be combined with an environmental campaign promoting electro-mobility.

Aliplast Sp. z o. o. desires to consciously build its brand – a producer in the industry of aluminium systems for the construction industry- in line with the concept of corporate social responsibility. Aliplast focuses on active measures directed at areas related to environmental protection, and policy of cooperation and dialogue with the local community. The concept of corporate social responsibility in Aliplast is also closely related to the concept of sustainable development of the enterprise which implies that the activities carried out by the Company are not limited only to efforts to increase economic results, but also include the undertaking of social initiatives.

Employees Employees

Building correct employee relations, creating a friendly work environment, providing employees with appropriate development conditions (training, incentive schemes), care for working conditions, supporting employee activities (in sports Aliplast Runner Team, Aliplast Fishing Team, Multisport card), thanks to investment in the expansion of the production plant – increasing the number of jobs, ensuring equal employment conditions for women and men.

Business partners Business partners

Integration of the joinery industry, transparent rules of cooperation, anti-corruption policy.

Environment and safety Environment and safety

Minimising any harmful impact on the natural environment caused by the company’s production activity, implementing innovative environmentally-friendly technologies, improvement in the area related to the impact on the natural environment.

Local community Local community

Supporting institutions and associations working for the benefit of people in need and the local community as part of charitable activities in the field of education, culture and sport.



Production in the Aliplast Group (Aliplast sp. z o.o. and Aliplast Extrusion Sp. z o.o.) is based on environmental responsibility and safety. The concern for the protection of the environment manifests itself in taking care to minimise the impact of the production process on the surroundings. Educating and creating environmental awareness also constitute an important element of the Company’s activity.

Due to the nature of its activities (production of aluminium profiles, powder coating, anodising), the Aliplast Group places particular emphasis on all undertakings aimed at reducing the impact on the natural environment.

This means investments:

  • in energy-saving solutions (the strategy “Energy with Aliplast” – photovoltaics)
  • recycling of aluminium, which is waste in the production and processing: the use of modern technologies adapted to each stage of metal processing, starting from extrusion, pre-treatment, CNC-extended processing, powder coating and anodising, allows for the maximum recovery of post-production aluminium; highly efficient systems of chip extractors in the cutting or machining process and the organisation of storage space for individual groups of waste allow for the effective collection of even the smallest particles of valuable raw material, which then translates into environmentally-friendly processing into a very good quality production material
  • innovative solutions used in the powder coating process: use of a chrome-free system during surface preparation, use of rainwater collected on the roof, use of a powder recovery system in spray booths (reducing the amount of waste generated),

The company’s environmental responsibility also comprises a number of small initiatives: sorting of waste and electro-waste, containers for used batteries, through the electronic circulation of documents at most workplaces, we try to minimise the use of paper and toner, following the slogan “save the planet do not use plastic” we avoid disposable dishes, plastic bottles and containers.

The Aliplast Group takes steps to minimise the negative impact on the environment in all areas of its operations.



A modern company should not only take care of the size of the profit and create its image solely on the basis of its success on the market. In the building by our company of an image strategy, projects undertaken for the benefit of the society in a broad sense are equally important. We would like the activities carried out by our company to respond to the needs of local communities and bring about real changes in the lives of the people that they are directed towards.

Our business:

  • For several years, the Aliplast Group has been supporting the activities of the foundation Teatr Za Jeden Uśmiech (Theatre for One Smile) and projects organised by Prekursor Artystyczny (Artistic Precursor) and the Bamm Baamm Theatre (theatre performances organised for children staying in the hospitals in Lublin)
  • participation in the charity campaign Help Children Survive Winter
  • sponsorship support for the making of therapy toys “Product for Puchatek” by the students of industrial design at the Academy of Art in Szczecin
  • employee volunteering campaigns – Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift), blood donation campaign
  • participation of the Aliplast Running Team in Poland Business Run – the largest charity run in Poland; participation in the 7th Lubartów half-marathon WITHOUT BORDERS (charity run)

Responsible Employer

People – their skills, competences, knowledge and experience are our Company’s greatest asset.  Their work and commitment translate into joint success. That is why we try to create the best possible working conditions for our employees. At the Aliplast Group, we desire to do our best as a responsible entrepreneur and employer.

  • All employees of the Aliplast Group undergo regular training to improve their qualifications as well as training in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • We provide all available measures necessary to protect the health and life of employees while they are performing their duties – constant control of workplaces serves to eliminate potential causes of diseases and threats to the life and health of employees;
  • We also feel responsible for the future of our employees – we offer them participation in the Employee Pension Scheme, in which we help them collect additional funds under the third pillar.
  • We ensure respect for human and labour rights – we prevent all forms of mobbing and discrimination;
  • We create an opportunity for employees to develop their own passions and improve their qualifications (language school project at the company’s);
  • We also offer our employees a package of additional benefits: we offer employee loans, benefits for people in a particularly difficult life and financial situation, pre-holiday benefits;
  • We support sports activities, we are open to employee initiatives.

Files to download

Corialis - Environmental and Energy Policy
Corialis - Global Employee Handbook
Corialis - Health Safety Charter
Corialis - Human Rights Policy
Corialis - Supplier Code of Conduct
Corialis - Sustainability Update