Estabilishing the Aliplast Group Foundation

08 April 2022

The intensity of our activity has evolved into concrete actions. We are pleased to announce the creation of the Aliplast Group Foundation. On 29 March this year, the documents establishing the Aliplast Group Foundation were signed.

We are extremely proud to have established the foundation, says Jan Kidaj, President of the Management Board of the Aliplast Group.

This will allow us to continue our activitiesbut in a broader dimension and with a stronger effect. I believe and hope that the Aliplast Group Foundation will become a platform for the implementation of activities in the field of charity and broadly understood education for the benefit of local communities, with the involvement of our Employees. The Aliplast Group is almost 1000 Employees – it is a huge dormant potential that lies in these people who can and want to do something good for others.

We are one of the largest companies in the province – we feel obliged to inspire actions and take initiatives aimed at improving the existing reality. With a well-coordinated team as our Group is– we can do everything – says Tomasz Ćwiek, Chairman of the Board of the Aliplast Group Foundation.

The statutory objective of the Foundation is a socially useful activityin particular consisting in the development, popularising, support, and promotion of social care and assistance, ecology, sport, culture, science and education.

An important aspect of the Foundation’s activities will also comprise those aimed at creating a new quality of social life in the region, including building interpersonal relationships, building environmental awareness and undertaking initiatives in the field of environmental protection, helping refugees from countries affected by war or other military operations.

The Foundation has allocated PLN 100,000 for its statutory activities.