First Charity Football Tournament of Aliplast Group Foundation

10 October 2022

Saturday, October 8 took place the First Aliplast Group Foundation Charity Football Tournament. Beautiful weather, lots of energy, fantastic teams fighting with enthusiasm to win. As for us – all the teams won, especially since the main goal of the Tournament was to help Ukrainian children.

We congratulate Spiżarnia company which win the tournament, Aliplast Sp. z o.o. for the second place on the podium and the third place for Oknoplast. For Chemnovatic, Dnipro and Aliplast Extrusion, a big word of appreciation for their enthusiasm and fight to the very end.

We would like to thank all participants of the Aliplast Group Foundation Tournament and we hope that with this meeting we have started a good tradition.

Our thanks also go to the patrons of the event: Polish Radio Lublin, Gazeta Wyborcza, TVP3 Lublin and