The Aliplast Group Foundation awarded for its charitable activities by the Angelus Lubelski chapter

10 October 2023

Angelus Lubelski is an honorary award granted in Lublin since 2005. It is awarded to people who serve others in a special way. The initiative was created in the creative circles of Lublin. The award is granted in 7 categories: Angelus of public service, media culture, mercy, animation of cultural life, charity, artistic and life’s work. The winner of the Award may be natural persons, institutions or communities who express humanistic values ​​through their duties, artistic and charitable activities.

The Aliplast Group Foundation, in recognition of its achievements, received an award in the Angelus Charity category. The prize is a bronze statuette of “Angelus” placed on a granite pedestal, depicting a winged human figure, created by Milena and Arkadiusz Widelski.

The award ceremony took place on Friday, October 6 at the Stu Theater in Lublin.