Anodising at Aliplast Extrusion

Anodising is used to produce protective and decorative oxide layers on aluminium, improving corrosion protection and wear resistance. Different colours are created by dyeing or electrolytic colouring.

Aliplast Extrusion offers the following colors:
C-0 natural
C-31 light champagne
C-32 champagne
C-33 olive
C-34 brown
C-35 black

Anodising at Aliplast Extrusion

Aliplast aluminum profiles are anodized in accordance with Qualanod guidelines and technological requirements to ensure the quality of produced anode coatings. Qualanod Certificate No. 1808 confirms the highest quality of anode coatings on aluminum profiles.

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Terms of the guarantee for anodized coatings Aliplast Extrusion
Certificate Qualanod
Certificate Qualanod 2023



    Galvatek's process line is fully automated, the operating system supports 39 process baths (including four dryers that speed up the manufacturing process) and two-stage hot-cold sealing.

  • The line is designed for anodising profiles and aluminium elements up to a max length of 7,2 m.
  • Operating depth 2 m.
  • Line output: max. 1 200 000 m2/year
  • Coating thickness: 5 to 25 microns

    Aliplast Extrusion has a fully automated OSMG shot-blasting machine that gives the surface a uniform velvet look.