Aliplast Fishing Team – competition at the Wzory

19 May 2022

On Sunday, May 15th, the competition at the Wzory fishery ended. Our Aliplast Fishing Team  was ready for the start. During the 4 days of the competition, our team was fighting for the podium and only 600 grams were short of the 3rd place. This is a good result considering that 18 teams participated in the competition.

The three largest fish caught in the team counted towards the classification. Gentlemen: Michał, Paweł and Sylwester were classified with carps weighing 15.6 kg, 13.2 kg and 10.4 kg. In addition, a few smaller fish were caught and returned to the water in good condition after weighing and disinfecting.

The first “carp competition” of our Aliplast Fishing Team and a place just behind the podium. It may seem like the worst possible place, but the three of us at the Aliplast Fishing Team are excited to say that this is just the beginning and it will be better next time.

We keep our fingers crossed!