Aliplast Fishing Team – the end of the fishing season

25 October 2021

On Sunday 24. 10 in the fishery “Eko Torf Ludwinek” a meeting of angling enthusiasts “Angling Sunday” took place. It was the last meeting of this year’s fishing season organized by Aliplast Fishing Team and attended by many employees of Aliplast Group with their families. In a nice and family atmosphere, we managed to catch a dozen or so fish, and the prize for the biggest fish of the competition went to our colleague Jacek Tubek.
After the competition, we could all warm ourselves by the fire, and an undoubted attraction of the meeting was swimming on the Aliboat – the only such boat in the world invented and constructed by Aliplast Group employees.
The idea of building Aliboat is the result of the joint work and passion of our Employees. Work on the project took about 2 years, aluminium structures were used to build the boat and empty 20l barrels as floats. During the construction work, Aliboat gained a small covered annex for fishing and successfully passed the first launch.The designers announce that the Aliboat will get a new design and functionality for the new fishing season!