Aliplast Group with the CSR strategy for 2021-2025

28 June 2021

The Aliplast Group active in the sector of aluminium systems has developed and implemented the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for years 2021 – 2025 that, on the one hand, summarized the related action taken so far and, on the other hand, is a precise definition of the direction that the Group will follow in subsequent years. The foundation of the strategy and its key objectives consist of the compliance with ethical principles, social responsibility and sustainable development.

The detailed document results from the organisation’s operational strategy that assumes business operations and attainment of business objectives considering minimized environmental and human impact of the aluminium production while also considering the maximum benefits for key stakeholders. In particular, these stakeholders are inhabitants of Lublin and neighbouring localities, employees and the Aliplast Group.

“We have been aware of the impact of our activity on the natural environment since the beginning of our firm. There are also equally important issues relating to security policy and respect for human rights, especially employee rights. The interest of local communities impacted by our business is also extremely important to us. In accordance with these rules, we have decided to develop the Social Responsibility Strategy for subsequence years to become our guide and a map for our stakeholders as well as a commitment to them we are making”, says Jan Kidaj, the CEO of the Aliplast Group.

Respective policies referring to individual areas of activity and specific stakeholder groups are integral and coherent components of the strategy. Diversity-based policy and respect for human rights are principles of co-existence applicable to all employees and collaborators of the Group. They guarantee equal treatment to everyone, counter all forms of discrimination, respect and protect human rights. The environmental policy consists of a range of activities and rules to counteract climate changes and minimize negative environmental impact. The recycling of aluminium produced by the Group and zero waste operations are its key elements.

Work Safety Policy and HR Policy are a set of rules applicable to employees, aimed at the continuous improvement of their safety and guaranteeing ethical and optimal working conditions considering not only a range of benefits and insurance but also guaranteeing competence improvement programs and professional training.

Social Policy, the last element of the developed strategy, is a set of rules aiming at the continuous limitation of the local environmental impact and improvement of the structure of products as well as consistently supporting local communities living and operating in areas directly or indirectly linked to the business conducted by the Aliplast Group.

To retain the transparency of actions taken as a part of the CSR, the Group committed to publishing annual reports verifying the implementation of adopted rules and regulations resulting from the Social Responsibility Strategy. Reports will be compiled in line with the guidelines of ISO 26 000.

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Aliplast Group CSR Strategy