Earth Day with Aliplast

05 May 2022

22 April is the International Earth Day. It offers an opportunity to promote green attitudes and to make everyone aware of the problems due to climate change.

Our company is actively involved in the search for and implementation of green solutions in its designs and production. We are aware of how much we need joint sustainable actions to protect and save natural resources, take care of the environment and the future of our planet. As a company, we strive to promote and teach environment-friendly attitudes. Our initiatives on the Earth Day include:

  • ‘Trees for bottles’ – an action addressed to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and Aliplast employees.  Its goal is to model good examples for the young generation and take care of the environment. The ‘Trees for bottles’ action is about collecting a specific number of plastic bottles to exchange them for a tree. The action starts on 22 April and ends (handing out of trees) on 1 June at the Children’s Day meeting in our headquarters.
  • ‘Eco Toy’ – the goal of the competition is for children to make a toy out of plastic packages and bottles; having seen the latest competition entries ’Homes of the future’, we cannot wait to see the creative projects of our children. The competition begins today.


Our projects are a part of the PLGBC (Polish Green Building Council) activity called ‘Earth Day – Building Sustainable Future’.