We plant trees

30 September 2021

Each tree is important for the environment, even the smallest one. Employees of the Aliplast Group, who plant new trees around the Company, weather permitting or not, do not have to be reminded of that. The planting plan is 40 oaks!

We are committed to planting because trees, especially deciduous ones, act as natural filters: they remove solid particles and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and thus absorb PM10 (particulate matter). A single tree absorbs as much as 6–7 kg of CO2 a year, so as a result of today’s efforts the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will be reduced by 240 kg/year.

We promise that we will plant many more trees because we enjoy the activity a lot and, last but not least, because it fits squarely within the Aliplast Group’s sustainable development strategy for the years 2021–2025.