Weekend on the Zemborzycki Lake

13 September 2021

Last weekend, the Zemborzycki Lake saw another edition of the Sea Shanties Concert that we sponsored. Musical attractions and a wonderful atmosphere were ensured by various ensembles, including Pod Wiatr, Banana Boat, EKT Gdynia, and Grzegorz Janczak Szanty.

Another weekend event was the Lublin City Mayor’s Cup Regatta on the 25th anniversary of the Lublin University of Technology Yacht Club. The competition was held in 3 categories:

  • Omega
  • Cabin sailboats
  • Open

Our team competed too and did very well. Congratulations!

Sailing has become a permanent item in the activity schedule of the Aliplast Group. Last May the “Sail with Aliplast” project was launched. Young residents of the “Pogodny Dom” children’s home in Lublin now have a chance to get a sailing licence and acquire some new skills!

We root for the initiative and keep our fingers crossed for all the children participating in the “Sail with Aliplast” project.